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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyMon Feb 22, 2010 12:09 am

Forum Rules and Guidelines

* For the most part things are pretty relaxed here. Use of foul language is permitted, but only up to a point. Really harsh and degrading words are not acceptable.

* No Spamming
Spam is any post that makes no sense. This includes one-word or two-word posts like "LOL" or "I agree". Typing in ALL CAPS is also considered as spam.

* No Collecting of Member's Personal Information
Pretty self explanatory.

* No Excessive Foul Language
Language is permitted, but to a certain degree. Just use some common sense with this one!

* No Flaming or Degrading Someone or their Work
Absolutely no one is to degrade or insult another forum member. If you are offended by another users' post or conduct, contact a staff member directly.
Disagreements will happen, handle it in an adult manner. Insulting others is unacceptable!

* Do Not Stretch The Pages
If you find that your links or images that you've posted stretch the page, please modify it or the post will be deleted!

* Signatures
Signatures are limited to 1 per member. Or as many as you want, as long as they do not exceed a width of 700 pixels and a height of 150 pixels TOTAL! ALL Signatures above these limits will be deleted immediately. No exceptions!! (Except for Staff!)

* No Pornographic Materials
Sexy and/or sensual images, and nudity are permitted, but NO pornography.

* No More Than One User Account
If we find that you have more than one account here, you will be PM'd about it and given a specific amount of time to rectify this matter. If you choose to ignore or not respond, the Staff will pick an account for you, and delete the other(s)! The only exception to this rule is an extra account made for Role Playing purposes only.

* Unactivated Accounts
Any unactivated accounts will be deleted IMMEDIATELY!

* Discussion of any action taken by the site in relation to a user (i.e. a banning or a warning) is not permitted. This includes discussions about locked topics.

* Any form of commercial advertising will not be tolerated.

This of course is not a complete list, and the staff reserves the right to modify these rules without notice. Just use your common sense and good judgment. Any violations will be handled on a case by case basis.

Note: The Staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any time! As site owner I am exempt from these rules.
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Site Rules
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