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 TEC Starbase Upgrades?

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Admiral Kane
Admiral Kane

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TEC Starbase Upgrades? Empty
PostSubject: TEC Starbase Upgrades?   TEC Starbase Upgrades? EmptyTue Apr 19, 2011 7:04 pm

A culture starbase upgrade for the TEC. Good idea or bad? I added one, it only has one level and is not as powerful as the Advent's culture upgrades. So tell me what you think? What I really intended was to further diversify the factions. Something in the way of economy or manufacturing would be the way to go for the TEC. But they already have both a Trade Port upgrade and a Frigate Factory upgrade. And both the Vasari and the Advent both have Trade Port upgrades for their starbases as well.
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TEC Starbase Upgrades?
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